A Dozen Ways to Take Your Decor from Wedding Day to Everyday

It's easy to start feeling overwhelmed when you're adding up the cost of all the little wedding decorations you may want to complete your day. Chances are you've spent a lot of money or a lot of time (maybe even both!) on vases, candle holders, picture frames and other little details to make your wedding day look just like you want, then you get that nagging voice in the back of your head saying, "All this for just one day?"

It can be a tough pill to swallow and with the Wedding Industrial Complex whispering things like, "But it's the happiest day of your life!" many couples feel pressure to buy into the myth that they need all of the things, even if it IS only for a few hours.

But what if it didn't have to be just for one day? If you start with colors and a style that fits in with your everyday life, you can bring the party home and leave yourself all kinds of reminders of your special day! The possibilities are endless, but here are a few of the ways you can make your wedding day every day.  

1. Add runners to accent tables

Sequin table runner  from Etsy Seller CandyCrushEvents, $34

Sequin table runner from Etsy Seller CandyCrushEvents, $34

Did you spring for some glittery sequin table runners? Maybe some vintage embroidered beauties? If they're yours to take home, why not add some color or sparkle to your living room decor? 

2. Use centerpiece vases for things other than flowers

It never hurts to have a few vases around for a fresh bouquet that shows up at your door, but if you don't have beautiful blossoms around full time, you can use them to store stones, greeting cards, decorative spheres or anything else you'd like to keep around. The mercury glass compote bowls I made for my own wedding were a beautiful way to add some cheer through the holidays!

3. Hang your backdrop above your bed

Use you wedding backdrop over your bed

Last week we rounded up a few super simple DIY yarn projects for some backdrop inspiration. If you're using something similar or maybe garland, streamers or paper flowers, you can easily add a reminder of your newlywed bliss to your bedroom or any bare wall space that could use a little pop.

4. Keep wedding signage for a gallery wall

Custom Wedding Program Signage Digital File  from Etsy Seller MomentiDesignStudio, $32.75

Custom Wedding Program Signage Digital File from Etsy Seller MomentiDesignStudio, $32.75

We love the idea of swapping disposable programs for a large welcome sign that gives your guest the same information, but what do you do with that sign once the guests are gone? It could make a sentimental addition to a hallway wall, especially if you're framing some of your favorite shots from your photographer to go with it!

5. While you're at it, frame leftover stationery

16"x20" Bronze Shadow Box  by Studio Decor, Regular Price $39.99 at Michael's

16"x20" Bronze Shadow Box by Studio Decor, Regular Price $39.99 at Michael's

If you ended up with extra invites, consider putting them in a shadow box with other wedding mementos like preserved flowers, your vows or any heirlooms that were special to your wedding. Bonus! It will serve as a nice little hint if someone in the relationship (*cough*me*cough*) isn't always great at remembering dates.

6. Keep candle holders for shelves or mantles

Keep candle holders for shelves and mantles

Did you end up with dozens of votive or tea light holders? The good news is, these are one of the easiest items to resell to other thrifty couples or even lend to a friend. If your sentimentality says keep them, do it! Clusters of candle holders make for pretty additions to bare shelves and can be used any time you need a little mood lighting. Plus, for the super practical among us, they can come in handy if the power goes out.

7. Use hanging paper or felt decorations in a nursery

"Charli" Felt Rose Hanging Garland  by Etsy Seller ForLoveandLattes, $62.90

"Charli" Felt Rose Hanging Garland by Etsy Seller ForLoveandLattes, $62.90

Your baby, someone else's baby, any baby! Are you looking for some sweet felt flowers or some chic cardstock shapes? Keep the love flowing and repurpose them as decoration in a child's room.

8. Use garlands to accent windows

Gold Leaf Garland  from Etsy Seller CafePaperie, $30

Gold Leaf Garland from Etsy Seller CafePaperie, $30

We love a good paper garland around here and these pretties have endless uses once they're done decorating your photo booth or buffet table. Hang them around windows; drape them over bookshelves or even around a bed frame. Just because something is paper doesn't mean you have to throw it away!

9. Choose a guest book option meant to be displayed

Wishwik Wedding Tree  from Etsy Seller PeachWik, $38

Wishwik Wedding Tree from Etsy Seller PeachWik, $38

There are thousands of great ways to remember those who came to celebrate with you. A guest book might get stuck on a shelf or in a box, but when you choose an option that doubles as art for your home, you get that reminder every day!

10. String lights in living spaces

Edison-style string lights , $24.99-$49.99 at Cost Plus World Market

Edison-style string lights, $24.99-$49.99 at Cost Plus World Market

Just like candles, string lights are a great mood lighting option and you can hang them practically anywhere! If you bought lights to bring some ambiance to your wedding, bring them into your home.

11. Use live potted plants in place of cut stems

Use live potted plants rather than cut stems

It's just a reality that flowers are going to die. Preserving flowers can be whoa-expensive, but if you have a green thumb, you know how to bring that wedding day beauty home and add it to a garden or window sill. If your thumb is more of a blackish brown like mine, consider low maintenance plants like cacti, succulents or air plants if you want to keep them around.

12. Gift handmade items

Did your awesome aunt hand-letter your envelopes? Maybe your grandparents helped out with the cost. If someone was instrumental in making your wedding amazing, consider sending them home with a centerpiece or cleaning and gift wrapping those handmade votive holders you made. When people are a part of your wedding, it's because it's important to them and having a little piece of that happiness for their home might mean more than a bottle of wine.

You don't have to spend a fortune to make your wedding special, but thinking of ways to reuse pieces of the day can make it a little easier to spend money on things you do want. Have you thought of other ways to repurpose wedding pieces? Let us know in the comments! If you're stuck on ways to make the most of your money, send us an email and we'll be happy to help!