Day of Coordination

Manage Your Stress (and Let Us Help!) to Keep Loving Your Wedding

Real talk, friends: wedding planning can get tough and many couples can get to the point that they just start to, well, hate their wedding. It happens often enough that I think it’s actually kind of normal.

Whether it’s a shrinking budgetfamily complaints or vendor mayhem, plenty of things can cause you stress. At Little Wedding Extras, one of the things we strive to do is not to encourage couples to plan their wedding a certain way, but simply just to encourage them, so it's worth it and you can do it!

So if you’re hitting a wall or hating your wedding, remember it gets better. Shameless, but not too shameless plug: absorbing a lot of the stress that wedding planning can bring is kind of our job, so if you're worried about where you are in the process or how on earth you're going to juggle all of those emails and phone calls, now is a great time to give us a shout and let us help!  In the mean time, practice a few things to find what brings you back to center the fastest.

Focus on that amazing, totally badass person you’re about to marry.

Don't stress - focus on the person you get to marry

This is what’s it’s really all about. You’ve signed up to spend the rest of your life with someone, and with good reason, We're sure. Maybe she provides that perfect amount of push and inspiration to achieve your goals. Maybe he makes you laugh so damn hard that you temporarily forget what’s bothering you. Focus on your person and how great you feel about marrying them. With this, out-of-stock table cloths quit feeling like a big deal.

Repeat after me: “All We have to do that day is get married.”

It's perfectly natural to want things to go perfectly. From the most intimate of ceremonies to the grandest of fetes, weddings are personal and meaningful, but in the end, they all serve the same purpose: to get you two hitched! This girl here, the one writing to you now, totally lost her place reading her vows and started babbling at the altar. Yep. Babbling. But we're still married! The best laid plans can still goof up, but when you focus on the end result, you can laugh about it later.

Find your own self love.

Whether it’s indulging in some sweet treats, a massage, or just keeping a bottle of Champagne handy, find some time for you. This is different for everyone, so there’s no wrong way to do it. For a day that’s supposed to all about you and your partner, it can turn into a lot of concern about everyone else in just a little time. Take regular breaks to keep your mind fresh.

Stress gets to all of us, but it’s a sign we care. What we're hoping for on your big day that it all melts away and you’re just left to bask in the glow of love! We happen to be pretty damn good at running the show and making your wedding day visions a budget-friendly reality, so send us a message if you need some help. We'd love to help keep you centered!  

Needing Help Doesn't Make You a 'Zilla: 10 Ways We'll be There for You

People love to throw out the term "Bridezilla," and friends, it can be a little unfair. Sure, we've all heard some horror stories about strict schedules, demands for weight loss or even criticism over gifts received, but sometimes you see it applied to brides (and even grooms) who are simply polite and straightforward about things they want and help they might need to make their big day go smoothly. Last week I found this story about a woman who was considering reneging on her agreement to be the "Honor Personal Attendant" at a friends wedding when she found out what all the bride meant for that to entail. The real problem? The bride in question wanted a day-of coordinator and she was asking an inexperienced friend to provide a service normally provided for pay by a professional (like Christen!).

While it seemed like this was probably too much to ask from a friend, I stopped dead in my tracks when I read a comment insinuating that anyone who needed (or wanted) any such help was a total 'Zilla. It's just true. Even simple weddings have a lot of moving parts and an absolute ton of meaning, sentimentality and importance. Bringing on a DOC not only helps make the day go smoothly, but it also gives you, the couple, the opportunity to be the best hosts you can be. If you're worried that hiring a coordinator might make you seem needy, demanding or even a 'Zilla, take a look at just some of the things we do and why we do them.

Needing help does not make you a Zilla

1. Yes, we're going to fetch your drinks. And food. And tissues. And spare bobby pins or whatever you need. Why? Because whether your guests crossed the street or flew around the world to be there, you invited them because they're important to you and when you have someone to take care of those little things, you're not taking time away from your guests.

2. We'll answer your phone. If you're straightening your tie or buttoning your dress getting ready for that first look, you don't want to hear that your DJ is lost and you're going to get frustrated if Uncle Marty waited until two hours before the ceremony to clear up your "dressy casual" dress preference. If someone needs something, we're there to clear it up so you can focus on getting married.

3. Last minute emails are on us. Great vendors keep in close contact shortly before the wedding to make sure they're doing the best job they can do, but those constant notifications can be overwhelming when you're trying to get a manicure or finish up your last-minute DIYs. That's why we handle all communication with all of your vendors the week before the big day and report back to you with concise, consolidated info.

4. If you don't need to know there's a problem, you don't have to. We're here to be the go-to for the little nit-picky things that can take away from your good time. Did your cousin light a cigarette outside of the designated area? We'll point him where he needs to go. Did your venue forget to pull a rental item you requested? We'll make sure it gets where it needs to be before it's time to start. On your wedding day, it's your job to get married and have fun; we'll help with the rest!

5. We work for you, not the venue. Many venues offer in-house coordinators who do an amazing job, but their first loyalty is to that venue. They can be instrumental in helping you make the best choices in terms of space usage, rental options and other venue-specific needs, so our job is to work with them to make sure you're really having the Best Day Ever!

6. Contract obligations shouldn't be your concern. Each of your vendors will have special needs that you're obligated to meet. You can count on needing to feed people and sometimes provide short breaks. We're here to make sure those things happen (and those meals are counted when you're giving final numbers to your caterer) so you can get back to the business of having a ball.

7. O, brother, where art thou? Your photographer will likely ask for a list of friends and family members you want included in pictures. Copy us on that list so we can help direct those loved ones to the photography area. The less time you spend taking those pictures, the more time you have enjoying the party!

8. Time is on our side. Think of your wedding as a symphony: you don't want to be the conductor; you want to be the celebrated soloist. Having someone to keep time for you allows you to hit all the notes at the right time. We'll make sure you're on schedule or things get adjusted if you need more time so you can leave the watch in the dressing room and have enough fun to lose track of time without any problems.

9. Your budget is important to us. There's nothing 'Zilla about wanting to spend your money wisely and find the best deals. If you need suggestions about where to look, trust in our Google-fu. We'll be happy to send you links and suggestions along the way.

10. Your family deserves to enjoy the day, too. One of the most frequently repeated ideas we hear from couples who reach out to us is that they want someone to run the show so they and their families can enjoy the day. Without a day-of coordinator, much of the needs get shifted to parents and siblings of the bride or groom. These loved ones often make generous offers because they care, but hiring someone so they don't have to seems far more considerate than demanding.

Having help where you need it is just a smart way to maximize your time with loved ones on your very special day. If you feel like you could use an extra person in your corner, send us an email and let us know how we can help you (and your guests!) stress less!