Darling DIY: Wine Glass Mini Terrariums

Inspiration comes at the funniest of times and as I was wandering aimlessly down the aisles while shopping, I came across these uniquely shaped wine glasses and immediately knew they were going to be terrariums for the succulent-themed wedding we were overseeing the next weekend. I shared a picture of the finished product on my personal social media and with the overwhelmingly positive response, I knew I needed to write up the process for everyone's benefit! 

The wine glasses are Luminarc Harmony Wine Glasses. They come in 11.25 and 16 ounce sizes and using both adds a little variety. You'll also need a few small succulents, potting soil specifically for cacti and succulents, sand, some reindeer moss and a few rocks. I picked mine up from my yard, but you can purchase river rocks at a craft store. A couple of things that will come in handy are a spray bottle of water and a stick- it can be a chopstick, pencil, skewer or anything long and skinny enough to manipulate things once they're in the glass.

Start by adding just enough rocks to the glass that it covers the bottom. this will allow the soil a little extra drainage since there are no holes for water to escape.

Sprinkle a little bit of sand on top of the rocks. You want enough to fill in the gaps, but not completely cover the rocks.

Add a small amount of potting soil to get started. You can add more to finish, but if you start with too much, the glass gets too full and doesn't leave enough room for your plants.

Remove your plants from the container and knock off as much of the soil from the root ball as possible (you can save this to use instead of purchasing a whole bag). Use your stick to dig a small hole and replace your plants in the glass.

Once you have your plants in place, add more potting soil as needed and give them a few sprays with the water bottle to settle the soil and provide some hydration. If you're having trouble keeping any of your plants upright, use some of your rocks to give them a little stability and add decoration.

Place a few rocks and bits of moss to add color and decoration. You can even add decorative glass, beads or miniature figurines for more color and style. 

You're all finished! Succulents like a lot of light, so if you use them for a wedding keep them around and display them in window sills or any area in your home that has plenty of natural light throughout the day. They make great favors, gifts or just anytime DIYs for your home!

We're always here to help with any DIY needs send us a message and we'll be in touch to help you make the most of your skills, even if you think you don't have any!