Five Wedding Trends that Just Make Sense

The word "trend" can conjure up some mixed feelings when it comes to putting your personal mark on something as big as your wedding day. You're an original and you've never been the type to follow the crowd or let popular opinion dictate your choices, but taking a few tips from the stylemakers doesn't have to mean selling out. Couples in 2016 are using some real common sense when it comes to their wedding vision and much of what's on-trend right now can save you time, money and sanity! Here are a few of the ways that the popular option can also be the practical one.

1. Bare lighting

The rise of the Edison bulb and string lights has been evident for quite a while now, and there isn't anything to suggest they're going anywhere. Dramatic uplighting in electric colors is on its way out and it's likely due to the fact that everyone is a photographer now. Almost all of your guests have a smartphone with a capable digital camera in their pockets and the goal of an "Instagrammable" wedding is a real thing. Washing your venue in a signature color also tints your guests in the same shade. Natural, effortless beauty is continuing to take over the preferred wedding day style and these classic, naked bulbs look great with decor from minimalist modern to vintage chic! 

2. Lush greens with focal blooms

Greenery with focal blooms

Speaking of natural, effortless beauty, there are so many reasons to love this luxurious, romantic-looking trend. Besides being gorgeous and great for any color palette imaginable, greenery with a few statement blooms can stretch a floral budget much farther than clusters of ranunculus and garden roses. In addition to being cost efficient, greens like seeded eucalyptus and ruscus stand up to any weather woes beautifully. Heat and humidity can make stunning flowers start to wilt and droop in no time while greenery stands strong and looks amazing all day and night.

3. Mis-matched centerpieces

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If you love the rough-hewn, yet elegant look of all of those greenery bunches, you'll love being uninhibited by a single style when it comes to designing your centerpieces. Not having to pinpoint a singular look can save you hours of pouring over inspiration boards alone, not to mention the time spent searching for the perfect vessel, finding it, then coming to the realization that there are only six left in stock and you need 18! Using multiple elements in your decor has the added bonus of inviting guests to walk around and potentially mingle with other guests they may not have met otherwise. This naturally occurring fluid movement keeps everyone engaged and having a great time!

4. The decline of the sit-down dinner

Shaina Sheaff Photography

Shaina Sheaff Photography

Couples are finding themselves less limited by the standard chicken, beef, fish and/or vegetarian entree options and looking to cocktail receptions and creative food stations to keep everyone satiated. If you're partying at peak meal time, these options might not be a money saver, but there are still plenty of perks. Offering several small bites gives you ample opportunity to accommodate dietary needs without having to dedicate an entree choice that few people are likely to order. Just like different areas of visual interest can encourage your guests to move around and mingle, serving hors d'oeuvres or tapas on portable plating keeps guests from being tethered to tables for extended periods of time. Since dinner service can drag out to well over an hour, often creating scenarios where some are completely finished with a course before others have even been served, you lose out on time to visit with your guests and enjoy the party. Setting food up in a way that allows everyone to eat what they want when they want maximizes your time with the people you love.

5. Intimate guest lists

Shaina Sheaff Photography | Watercolor calligraphy by Shannon Graham

Shaina Sheaff Photography | Watercolor calligraphy by Shannon Graham

The number of invitations sent is one of the biggest factors in a wedding's overall cost and more and more couples are nixing the childhood neighbor and parents' business associates in favor of smaller parties where every guest has a deep connection to the newlyweds. This can save you money on everything from stationery to food to rentals and with many venues requiring additional security at rates of $50+ an hour, it's more than nickels and dimes adding up. Additionally, married couples often list "not enough time with guests" on their lists of post-wedding regrets and trimming your list to the people who know you best gives you more one-on-one time to share your gratitude and love.

Trends come and go, but some things are popular because they're great ideas! No matter what your choices, we'd love to be there for you on your journey. Are you having trouble sorting through what's hot and what's not? Shoot us an email and let us help!


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