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Budget Beautiful Flowers and How to Make them a Reality

When it comes to day-of décor, flowers are perhaps the most enduring bit of wedding ephemera. Well-picked blossoms and the way they are displayed can easily convey a desired theme or ambiance whether we’re talking bouquets and boutonnieres or centerpieces and chuppahs. There are all kinds of ways to skip the florals, but personally, I’m just kind of stupid for flowers. Call me old fashioned, but building beautiful floral arrangements is one of my favorite ways to help couples personalize their Forever Day.

The hard fact is, pretty posies can get pretty pricey unless you know where to look and what to look for. We've got you, boo. Minding a budget doesn't have to relegate you to boring blooms; just keep these few tips in mind and no one will have to know you were pinching pennies!

1. Focus on getting the best bang for your buck.

For my money, lilies are a great place to start. They average three to five huge blooms per stem with a few closed or semi-open buds that add a different textural element. These pink Asiatic lilies make a stunning focal flower for this lush bouquet with roses and alstromeria.

Think in terms of total surface area before fretting over the per-stem price. Other great options are hydrangea, kale roses and large mums.

2. Accent wisely.

Just like with focal flowers, accents that offer multiple blooms per stem or a large overall surface area fill out your arrangements without blowing up your budget. These purple alstromeria (also called Peruvian Lilies) are comparatively cheap, but with five or six blooms per stem, they take up some major real estate for the cost. Godetia and dianthus are also excellent multi-bloom fillers.

3. Don't hate on carnations.

This is coming from someone who used a lot of carnations in her own wedding, but I just don't get what's not to like about these ruffled beauties. They come in almost every color imaginable and look incredible alongside most any flower.

Photo by Shaina Sheaff

Although they are notoriously cheap, I loved the carnations more than some of the pricier blooms in my bouquet.

4. Go green.

Greenery can cost a fraction of what many flowers cost while adding shape, texture, contrast and volume to your arrangements. Mixed greens can add a light, Bohemian feel to an oversized bouquet or maintain a crisp, clean look in a traditional monochromatic arrangement like the one above.

5. Reach new heights.

Snapdragons, stock and delphinium (also called larkspurs) are all relatively inexpensive ways to add elevation and interest to your bouquets and arrangements.

Get the DIY tutorial for this faux mercury glass compote bowl here.

Shoots of tall flowers give basic designs a new level of interest to inexpensive florals. These? All of these blooms were purchased at my local supermarket!

No matter what your vision is, we'd love to help. We always start with what YOU want to spend before helping you find the best ways to fit what you love into your budget. Plus, with Little Wedding Extras, you'll never be pressured to buy anything more than what you want. All of our decor services are completely customizable to help you celebrate your special day. Let us know how we can help you create something beautiful!