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Five Color Palettes to Complement Succulents

It's no secret that succulents are incredibly on trend right now. Besides being easy to find, these beauties are easy to care for and can make sustainable options that last much longer than your wedding day. With dozens of varieties in almost every color imaginable, we thought we'd give you a little inspiration on how to use bold palettes to display your favorite succulents!

1. Blue Pearls with Magenta, Periwinkle, Lavender and Silver

Blue Pearl Succulent Color Palette

Pair these purplish plants with an affordable bloom like magenta stock and display them in tin pails for a budget friendly centerpiece that makes a huge statement!

2. "Sleepy" Echeveria with Kelly Green, Sunshine Yellow, Sky Blue and Grass Green

Sleepy Echeveria Succulent Color Palette

The variety might be called sleepy, but this bright palette looks like waking up in a park! You can mirror the structural look of the succulents with yellow mini callas or add some texture with delicate blue delphinium to bring out the undertones in the echeveria petals.

3. Golden Sedum with Fuchsia, Tangerine, Lime and Silver

Golden Sedum Succulent Color Palette

The bright hues play up the orange tones in this special succulent. With the citrus-y colors, relatives like grafted cacti would make a textural and unexpected display on your big day. As a bonus, you can send your guests home with plants as favors!

4. California Sunset with Deep Plum, Dusty Rose, Azure and Teal

California Sunset Succulent Color Palette

The deep pink hues stand out against the strong jewel tones and make for a rich showing that looks gorgeous any time of the year! A less-common metallic like rose gold or champagne compliments the pink without drowning it out.

5. Graptopetalum with Burgundy, Peach, Mint and Gold

Graptopetalum Succulent Color Palette

The icy blue-green color makes this a great option if you want to use succulents in the colder months. Bold statement flowers like deep burgundy dahlia that mimic this lovely plant's star shaped petals add an unexpected touch regardless of the time of the year!

There are as many possibilities as your imagination can find when it comes to the perfect palette to pair with succulents. What colors do love with them? We'd love to hear from you in the comments. If you need any help wading through those never-ending options, send us an email! We can show you the way and help you decide what will make your wedding day perfect and perfectly budget friendly!