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The Wedding Party Addition We Totally Recommend

It's totally normal for wedding day stresses to run high and having someone there to help smooth the bumps and snags can be a total sanity saver. Our Wedding Day Superhero, Christen, penned this ode to the Keeper of Cool Heads for OneWed a while back (and stepped in to be MY bridesguard), affectionately coining the term "Bridesguard" (and Groomsguards can totally be a thing, too). 

Look at that look of determination. Nothing will ruin this day.  Photo by Shaina Sheaff

Look at that look of determination. Nothing will ruin this day.

Photo by Shaina Sheaff

Here's what she has to say about this very special day-of delegate:

There you are, on your wedding day, getting your hurrs and face all dolled up. You’re sippin’ on some bubbly with your fine ladies (and gents?) when Aunt Mildred comes storming in and assaults you with an endless barrage of questions:

”Do you have your something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue?”

”Uncle Milty needs to sit close to the back so he can go to the bathroom when needed. You saved a spot for him, right?”

”Are the favors all set up?”

”Is the wedding cake here yet?”

”How aaaarrreeee you?”

”Are you nervous?”

”Have you written your vows?”

”Is that REALLY what the bridesmaids are wearing?”

And so on. All of a sudden, all the pre-wedding serenity is wiped out and an endless storm of nerves take over. You need to get that woman outta your face so you can go back to being the cool, collected, ‘bout-to-be-hitched lady you are. But you can’t. She’s just made you a nervous wreck and you’re in the middle of getting eyeliner all ‘round them baby blues.

ENTER: Your Bridesguard. This person, designated beforehand (bridesmaid, maid of honor, badass cousin who doesn’t let anyone boss her around) tells Auntie Mildred it’s time to leave so you can finish getting ready, then stands at attention at the entrance to ward off any other constant questioners. She (or he) has your cellphone to field calls and ensures no one can let those pretty little bridal nerves get frazzled.

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