Pinterest with Purpose: Tips for Making the Most of Your Wedding Board

Pinterest is a jungle and I’m glad you survived,” I typed to a bride making final decisions about her wedding day décor.

Keep Pinterest Fun

It’s no lie, and now that the tool has been around for several years to drive couples’ creativity, if not drive them crazy, there are certain truths that some of us professional pinners have come to learn. It’s still a great tool – possibly the best for some people – but before you get too overwhelmed, get your heart set on exactly that item or fall in love with a specific picture, keep these few things in mind for practical pinning that leads to productive planning.

Check the destination.

Pearl Pyramid Stud Earrings by Rebecca Minkoff, $38 at  Shopbop

Pearl Pyramid Stud Earrings by Rebecca Minkoff, $38 at Shopbop

Since pins can come from all corners of the internet, just because you see the perfect price on a pair of pearl earrings doesn’t mean it’s still an item that can be purchased. Whether it’s an out of date picture from a department store or a one-off listing from an auction site, you may be coveting an item that’s long gone. While Pinterest is a great way to “save this for later,” sometimes it’s best to check the link now and get the potential disappointment out of the way.

What you see may not be what you can get.

If you see a picture of a garment or accessory without a lot of information, it may be because it was a movie or television costume piece or it was created specifically for a celebrity or photo shoot. The good news is that popular designs often inspire reproductions in similar styles, often at reasonable prices. You may have to do some scouring to find them, though. If you’re not sure where the item was originally used, try a reverse photo search on Google.

Peony bouquet with locally foraged greens

Likewise, not all florals are readily available for general purpose. In a conversation with one of the wholesalers we use to source flowers, she mentioned that many pictures on Pinterest feature greens or blooms that were foraged locally and aren’t sold out of greenhouses. The bouquet pictured utilized greenery from a couple different vines that grow wild around my neighborhood. Most florists can get you close in terms of color, texture and shape, but a plant that grows in one specific area of the country at one specific time of the year might just be a local specialty.

Look for ideas, not just something to copy.

Remember that many wedding professionals are artists and while artists are often inspired by other people’s work, we generally don’t want to copy it. A photographer can learn a lot about your tastes if you show examples of styles you like, but asking for a picture that looks just like this can border on plagiarism and even violate copyright laws. Your best bet is to collect images of wedding photography, cakes, florals and décor that fit your tastes, then compare it to the portfolios of professionals in your area to see who looks like the most natural fit. Wedding artisans like to flex their creative muscles and come up with something unique especially for you, so try not to get too attached to something you see online.

Pinterest works like much of the rest of the internet in that the more often something is shared, the more likely it is to show up at the top of a search, so if you get let down, just think of it as an opportunity to find something unique that’s yours and yours alone! Still trying to find your way through the planning process? Send us an email and we’ll be glad to help you out!