We Love Your Love

we love your love

Like much of the nation, we are still reeling from the tragedy this weekend in Orlando and we feel this is an excellent time to speak up about our place and the wedding industry's place in the fight for LGBTQIA rights.

Weddings and the industry surrounding them have a strong gender bias and we do our best to respectfully avoid using gendered and exclusionary terms.

Bride and groom

Mr. & Mrs.

His and Hers

Our policy has been to be simple rather than to call attention to the fact that we are very much pro-equality, but it seems appropriate to make a few promises to those of you whose identities are often questioned, ignored or even belittled.

With us, you are special, but you are never a novelty. Our hope is that equality can simply mean being treated equally rather than being gawked at for your "otherness." After all, you're two people who love each other and want to spend the rest of your lives together, just like any other couple.

We respect your pronouns and your titles. Friends, you're talking to the Wedding Day Superhero and the DIY Darling. These aren't exactly titles you find in a standard HR list, so if you're non-binary and feel like neither bride nor groom fits, you can tell us what does. We are here to affirm your identity and your choices about your wedding, full stop. 

Your traditions can be as standard or as inventive as you want. Most states just require that you SAY you want to marry this person, generally in front of someone legally authorized to pronounce you married. Other than that, the rest is your choice and we exist to make it look and feel the way you wish and make sure it all runs smoothly that day. Ok, we may put a damper on ideas that violate your venue contract or city ordinances (Sorry, it's our job!), but your identity doesn't preclude you from doing anything you want on your wedding day. We'll even stand up to anyone who tries to tell you otherwise.

Most of all we want you to know that you are cared about deeply. We wish you nothing but love and joy and hope that you find acceptance as you celebrate your engagement. Your love matters and if you'd like to contact us, we would love to be a part of it.